From Feasibility to Completion

Baggerman Associates can assist Principals at all stages in the development of a dredging and reclamation project. Baggerman Associates’ principals have both occupied positions as regional estimators, project or contracts managers in Australia, South East Asia, Europe and Hong Kong for international dredging contractors. A recurrent theme of problems with dredging works from these earlier periods is inadequate site investigations.

Site investigations for dredging work are often disjointed with investigators examine interesting but divergent parameters not essential to dredging contractors pricing the work. The result of disjointed investigations, particularly where there is a requirement to dredge rock or rocklike material, is often a large claim from contractors during or upon completion of the work.

The price for dredging work, like any other commodity, is driven by market forces and the availability of large cutter suction and trailer suction hopper dredges. When they are busy on the world market prices will be high, when they are idle prices will be low – but claims will flourish. Baggerman Associates can assist in the assessment of these risks to project budgets.

Dredging projects, like most capital intensive production operations, can incur large cost overruns in very short periods. If latent conditions are met, or alleged, and a project is to be completed, either the Contractor or the Principal will incur substantial additional future costs and liabilities.

Dredging tenders meet a range of issues not normally met during the normal engineering procurement process. Based on sole source tendering principles, appropriate procedures can be put in place to ensure the Principal receives value for money, if not the tenderer’s bid can be shadow estimated to identify risk areas and identify benchmarks for negotiation or risk sharing.

Site investigations and survey assessments are critical to the success of any dredging project. Baggerman Associates can undertake or provide specialist advice to a Principal’s geotechnical and survey specialists. Practical advice on the technical issues during execution allows the Principal to maintain control at all stages of a project.